Cape Cod Organic Farm is a Certified Organic Farm located along Historic Route 6A in Barnstable Village on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We specialize in growing organic fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, herbs, and native grasses used in land restoration. We also breed and raise Heritage Breed Pigs for pork

You can find our food at Farmers Markets in Cape Cod, as well as at our own Farmstand and by joining our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program.

Our Farming Practices

We are Certified Organic, which means we don't use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides,  soil amendments or additives. We also don't use genetically modified materials of any kind.  We use beneficial insects in our growing practices and crop rotation along with green manure and composts  to grow better crops and enrich the soil with nutrients.

Our animals are raised humanely on pasture with ample space and free access to the outdoors year round. We never use any antibiotics or hormones in the raising of any of our animals.

We at Cape Cod Organic Farm choose to be Organic because we believe in growing nutrient dense foods that are free of  harmful chemicals and pesticides that do damage both to  the people who eat them and to the environment as a whole.  

What are Heritage Breed Pigs?

Heritage Breed Pigs have a history of being bred for specific traits, such as the ability to better withstand disease and to thrive when raised on pasture and in local environments. Their darker black or brown skin color protects them from the harsh summer sun and allows them to be raised outside. They are the historic breeds that were once raised by farmers on small farms, before industrial agriculture selected only a few specific breeds  to use. Industrial breeds tend to have higher meat production with uniform cuts but have weaker immune systems or body physiology and temperament that makes them better suited to withstand the conditions of living in confined, often indoor spaces.

We choose to raise Heritage Breed animals in order to help keep these animals away from extinction.  Greater genetic diversity in the livestock world helps ensure a variety of stronger and healthier breeds are bred and have their gene lines continue.  Their marbled meat also tastes better!